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We offer the Loctite products - as part of the Henkel Group since 1997 - is known around the world, leading chemical company manufacturing engineering adhesives, sealants and coatings used directly for the production of large-scale (OEM) as well as sold through a network of distributors industry. Loctite ® products (adhesives and sealants) are used in such diverse industries as electronics, automotive, aerospace, machine building and medical equipment, they are also used in engineering and many others.

Rubber compounds:

  • Natural rubber [NR]
  • Butyl rubber [IIR]
  • Nitrile [NBR]
  • Chloroprene rubber [CR]
  • Ethylene-Propylene [EPDM]
  • Silicone rubber [MVQ]
  • Fluorocaoutchouc [FPM]
  • Urethane rubber [AU]
  • Policzterowfluoroetylen [PTFE]

Rubber compounds based on these rubbers are a fundamental and widely used material for the production of sealing elements and technical articles. For non-standard applications that require individual chemical and mechanical properties, special rubber compounds. They are prepared in accordance with the wishes of customers and the requirements of future work environment based on the example. Rubber: IR isoprene, butadiene-styrene SBR, BR butadiene, acrylic ACM, epichlorohydrin ECO, fluor-silicone MFQ, chlor-butyl CIIR, BIIR-butyl bromide , methyl silicone MQ chloro-sulfuric CSM, hydrogenated nitrile H-NBR and others.


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