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Our company serves counseling and use of materials, components and manufacturing processes. From "concept to production" Flexin is a leader in the design, prototyping, testing and production of technical polymers products. Our goal is to provide optimum performance and quality of the final product. Thanks to close cooperation with the customer and the product development department, we are able to provide high quality solutions and prototypes. Components can be developed and optimized for each application. Additionally, the company Flexin can offer support for projects involving the installation of manual or automatic in terms of components, modules, combinations of materials. In this regard, we invite you to contact our customer service department to define the requirements and the most optimal solutions.

Our company can help you in terms of: the choice of materials, the identification of design problems that will affect the production and / or tooling costs, the identification of design problems that may affect the performance of the product, the establishment of appropriate dimensions and material specifications, test methods established products and acceptance criteria, project timelines.

Logistic Services: we offer the following resources to support the daily and periodic delivery to the customer

  • Dedicated staff with international scope.
  • The possibility of supply in the specified package / container.
  • Possibility of building supply warehouse for customers serviced regularly.
  • Programs "Consignment Stock".

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