Rubber parts

Technical products made of elastomers are manufactured based on customer technical documentation, models or existing tooling. On the basis of the provided technical drawing our technical department is drafting process and the concept of implementation. Individual processes are documented and properly supervised. All products are tested for guidance quality of the product and the ISO3302 standards.

From "concept to production" Flexin sp. is a leader in the design, prototyping, testing and production of technical polymers. Our goal is to provide optimum performance and quality of the final product. Thanks to close cooperation with the customer and the product development department, we are able to provide high quality solutions and prototypes. Components can be developed and optimized for each application. Supervision of the execution and tracking of individual stages of production is a key task. The aim is repeatability of the manufacturing process and the highest quality final product.

A key determinant of the quality of the final product is the material from which it was made. The properties of the material determine the subsequent stability, heat resistance, chemical and mechanical strength of the element. Our experienced engineers are at your disposal in the selection of suitable polymer materials for a given application. We supply components produced from blends and polymer-based materials: NBR, EPDM, MVQ, HNBR, FFKM, CR, AEM, IR, SBR, NR, FPM, PU, PTFE, and many others. In the case of materials, our manufacturing processes are based on the following materials: PA, PA66, PP, POM, ABS, TPU, reinforced plastics and so on. The materials used meet customer requirements and standards - NIH, KTW, FDA, DVGW, WRC and other specific requirements.


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